Dri Lite Seven

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The Dri Lite 7 is a stylish compact stand bag that provides extra comfort and space with its larger top. It can hold 4 more clubs than traditional compact bags, allowing you to play and travel without having to make sacrifices. It has 4 water-resistant pockets, an ultra-lightweight design, and practical features that make it a great addition to any golfer's gear.

Value Pocket

BIG MAX Dri Lite technology combines 100% waterproof material with waterproof zippers. Most brands would call this ‘waterproof,’ but with the 100% protection offered by our Aqua line, we’re happy with Water resistant, knowing that Dri Lite will keep a golfer’s gear completely dry on all but the very wettest days.

Cooler Pocket

Thanks to the integrated cooler pocket, you can keep your drinks and food cold, and the bag dry. Always have a cool drink to hand during a sunny round of golf.

4-Way Divider

The 4-way full length divider provides additional storage space. In fact, up to 4 clubs more space than in a comparable sized bag.

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Dri Lite Seven

Product specification


3.7 lb


Water Resistant


4 - Way

Number of Pockets


Top Size

7.3 in

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