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The Blade IP is an ultra-slim golf push cart that features Flat Fold technology and automatic flip-out wheels. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and its lightweight design makes it easy to store. It is the perfect companion for all your golfing needs and can take your golf game to the next level.

Color: phantom black-lime

Our smallest push cart ever

The Blade IP is more than just a push cart. It is the result of a 30 year pursuit to develop the most advances companion on and off the course. Made from aerospace grade aluminium, as little plastic as possible and an invisible folding system that will leave you speechless.

Blade IP

Below the Fold 

Stands upright

When folded, the Blade IP stands upright without support, which makes it a breeze to store even in the smallest spaces.

Stable Design

The Blade IP is nearly exclusively built from high grade powder coated aluminium. Making it incredible stable and ultra light weight.

Smart Organizer Panel

The organizer Panel features ball and tee holders, a bottle holder, two score card holders, QF and QL bases, as well as a storage compartment for your valuables.

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Smaller size than comparable push carts

14.3 lbs.

Optimized to the limit

4.5 inches

Patented ultra flat folding machanism

Blade IP


The Blade IP is extremely compact and super light. Find out all the detailed specifications here.

Folding mechanism


Hight adjustable handle


Ergonomic handle


Soft foam handpiece



Two footbrakes

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