After 55 years of carrying my golf bag I decided to join my golfing buddies and purchase a push/pull cart. I found the BIG MAX Blade on accident and I was astonished by its folding technology. After trying it for the first time, I fell in love with this different form of getting around the course. I have never carried my golf bag ever since.
Brian B.No better golf cart than BIG MAX Blade
I cannot say enough good things about my Big Max Blade. This is my third year/golfing season with Blade and it has been a charm from day one. The build quality on this cart is outstanding!
Debra R.I love my BIG MAX Blade
First, the cart is one of the slickest that you can imagine – easy to set up and breakdown, light and great manoeuvrability.
C.S.BIG MAX Blade is one of the slickest that you can imagine
Nothing I can see at the Blade+. This thing is…AWESOME!
James J. (Tucson, USA)AWESOME

Super-fast response and service! Mike sent me the required part and I was able to fix my Big Max Blade and get it back into action. The entire transaction took place in under 48 hours. Incredible! Oliver, Thanks again!