After 55 years of carrying my golf bag I decided to join my golfing buddies and purchase a push/pull cart.…
Brian B.No better golf cart than BIG MAX Blade
I cannot say enough good things about my Big Max Blade. This is my third year/golfing season with Blade. After…
Debra R.I love my BIG MAX Blade
First, the cart is one of the slickest that you can imagine – easy to set up and breakdown, light,…
C.S.BIG MAX Blade is one of the slickest that you can imagine
Nothing I can see at the Blade+. This thing is…AWESOME!
James J. (Tucson, USA)AWESOME

Super-fast response and service! Mike sent me the required part and I was able to fix my Big Max Blade and get it back into action. The entire transaction took place in under 48 hours. Incredible! Oliver, Thanks again!