Dri Lite Silencio 2

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The new Silencio 2 from BIG MAX is lightweight and water-resistant thanks to the Dri Lite technology. With the 14-way Silencio Divider, clubs are held in place, eliminating all knocking together of clubs and the associated noise. The organizer accommodates oversized putter grips, while the pocket layout allows for optimal organization of valuables. Water-resistant Dri Lite technology with waterproof zippers keeps gear dry finishing off this innovative, reliable and well thought out golf bag.

14-Way Silencio Top

The 14-compartment organizer top with Silencio mechanism is designed to give each club its place and keep it there. Annoying rattling noises on the golf course are therefore history. Pulling the individual clubs out of this top is also much more comfortable than with conventional compartments.


Our cart bags have a special recess on the bottom that allows them to rest securely on the trolley so that the bag cannot slip.

Battery pocket

The new integrated battery pocket allows you to safely and securely store any battery used for your electric push cart. This new feature makes your life easier, so you can enjoy your round of golf without any complications.

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Dri Lite Silencio 2

Product specification


8.1 lb


Water Resistant


14 - Way

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Top Size

9.5 in

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