Dri Lite Sport


The new Dri Lite Sport is a stylish, colourful, ultra-light Cart bag. It combines a hot of practical features with the protection of BIG MAX’s water resistant Dri Lite technology. 14 way organiser top, dedicated putter well and 9 waterproof pockets are among the practical features that will be sure to make the Dri Lite Sport a firm favourite on the fairways.


14-way divider
for all your clubs with an extra putter pocket

The 14 way-divider system allows you to perfectly organize your clubs by the shaft lengths with an extra pocket for the putter. Furthermore, as there is only one club per pocket, there will not be any rattling in the bag. Finally, pulling out a club will be much more comfortable than without a divider.


New integrated
cooler pocket

Thanks to the integrated cooler pockets, you can keep your drinks and food cold, and the bag dry. As it is always important to have enough fresh and cool beverage during a sunny round of golf.


Bigmax accesory

The Big Max bag has many features to simplify the organization of your bag. These include hooks for your towels, a glove holder, an umbrella mount, and many more useful characteristics.


Waterproof pocket
for the course

The Dri Lite technology combines 100% Water resistant material with seam sealed, waterproof zippers. Furthermore, the value pocket is equipped with an extra soft pad, in order to keep your valuables protected.


Battery pocket

The new integrated battery pocket allows you to safely and carefree store any battery used for your push cart. This new feature makes your life easier, so you can enjoy your round of golf without any complications.


Dri Lite Sport


14-way Divider

Top Size:

9,5 inch

Weight (in lbs):


Cooler pocket:


Battery pocket:


Glove holder:


Umbrella holder:


Towel holder:



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