The best 4 reasons to buy the BIG MAX Blade IP

The best 4 reasons to buy the BIG MAX Blade IP

The best 4 reasons to buy the BIG MAX Blade IP

We are very grateful to Ronald Montesano, Golfwrx, that he shares his personal experience with our BLADE IP and mentions 4 very good reasons to buy:

Reason 1: Storage

After a round of golf, we store our cart. First, in the car; next, in the garage or basement. Golfers have an inkling how easy this will be, when the box arrives at your door. The Blade IP rests within, already assembled. You’ll simply extract it from the cardboard storage material and unfold it. With the Blade series, no more searching for a cube of space in the trunk. The Blade IP lays flat and sits cheerfully atop the other bags and carts you’ve stored post-round. In retrospect, although the predecessor also lay flat, the unfolding and refolding did take a bit of work (and an advanced degree.) No such issue with this updated model. According to the home office of Big Max, the principal difference is in the folding mechanism. BIG MAX has completely simplified this into a three stage process. You simply fold the handle, push the two parts of the body together and then lift the cart to see the wheels flip automatically under the body.

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