BIG MAX receives prestigious Golf Digest Award for Blade Quattro

BIG MAX receives prestigious Golf Digest Award for Blade Quattro

BIG MAX receives prestigious Golf Digest Award for Blade Quattro

Big Max has yet again won accolades with the development of the Blade Quattro, which was awarded the prestigious Golf Digest Award 2017. Golf Digest is one of the most regarded Golf Magazines worldwide. Already on the PGA Golf Digest post:

“Due to the fact I worked in a bag room at a club for five years, push carts really speak to me. I’ve folded and unfolded more of those things than I’d like to think about. That’s why I paused over the Big Max Blade Quattro. There are only two hinges you have to unhook to fold it, and when it’s folded down, it’s extremely compact. Historically, we’ve seen many cumbersome push carts. This is the opposite.” (Golf Digest @PGA)

The Blade Quattro offers better stability on steep hillsides, and the folding mechanism now combines the advantages of Flat-Fold and Quick-Fold technologies -in one single, easy movement. Naturally the Blade Quattro features all the classic and useful attributes of BIG MAX’ golf trolley products and offers the luxurious High Tech Smart Organizer Panel with ergonomic scorecard holder.

This is a huge success for our brand, as this Golf Digest Award is the second award in 2 years. In 2016 the Autofold FF was also decorated with the best push trolley award by Golf Digest.

The Blade Quattro, as well as the Autofold FF rank themselves among a series of well designed and very easy-to-fold trolleys. All together they are united by the motto: “Smaller Spaces Need Bigger Thinking”

This motto shows what Big Max focuses on and sets market wide benchmarks for: creating the fastest folding and slimmest golf trolley on the market. Being handed these awards, shows that we are on the right track and we are happy to share the good news with the world.

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