Easy to Fit Golf Cart Umbrella Holder

We design our golfing accessories to be as easy as possible to use and attach to your golf cart, with the QF Classic golf umbrella holder no exception. All you have to do is position it and click into place and you’re ready to use. What makes the BIG MAX Classic umbrella holder different from our LITE Umbrella Holder is the adjustable base, meaning once attached you can move it’s position forwards or backwards in the direction of the rain or sun to provide shade. It also has a tighter grip to be able to hold the weight of your umbrella in place no matter the angle. Convenient and fully adjustable, you can’t get better than this golf cart umbrella holder from BIG MAX to keep you protected from the elements.

When bad weather hits, pushing your golf cart whilst holding an umbrella can be difficult to juggle. That’s why we developed our golf umbrella holders to enable you to keep both hands on your cart and stay dry whilst navigating the course. It’s just one less thing to worry about and also ensures when teeing off that your umbrella is securely attached and not picked up by the wind, causing a hazard for other golfers nearby.

Buy the BIG MAX Umbrella Holder & More

The QF BIG MAX umbrella holder Classic is just one of the many useful Golf Cart Accessories you can attach to one of our unique Push Carts. As well as the PRO and LITE version of our golf cart umbrella holder, we also have an Umbrella Holder Extender available. This is ideal for taller golfers out there as you can extend the height of the umbrella fitted rather than having to bend under it. Add to this other innovative solutions such as the Quick Lok Towel and Beverage Holder, you’ll find many helpful products within our range.

If you need any assistance with choosing the right products for your golf cart, please do get in touch and our team will be happy to help.