Golf Cart Accessories

So, you’ve got your kit, your golf clubs, and you’ve found your favorite course – now it’s time to add some amazing golf cart accessories to your collection. Our range of golf push cart accessories can make your time out on the course more enjoyable, and can even improve your game. Big Max is comprised of a team of golf enthusiasts and experts, who personally try and test every product we offer. We want to ensure you’re 100% happy with your purchases, which is why we offer an extended warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee. And remember, whether you’d like advice on the best golf trolley accessories for you, or if you need product specific information about some of our golf push cart accessories, we are always here to help!

  • Quick Fix CLASSIC Umbrella Holder

    The classic umbrella holder from BIG MAX – trusted for over a decade.

  • BIG MAX umbrella holder extension

    Umbrella Holder Extender

    Adapt your umbrella holder to your body height.

  • BIG MAX Quick Fix smartphone and gps holder

    Quick Fix Phone Holder

    Can be easily adjusted for every mobile phone or GPS device.

  • BIG MAX QL range finder bag, on trolley

    Quick Lok Range Finder Case

    Keep your range finder protected and at your fingertips.

  • BIG MAX QL glove holder, extra featuresBIG MAX QL glove holder, on trolley

    Quick Lok Glove Holder

    Simple but smart – keep all you essentials within reach.

  • BIG MAX QL beverage holder, with bottleBIG MAX QL beverage holder, ql base

    Quick Lok Beverage Holder

    A universal beverage holder that is extremely easy to mount.

  • BIG MAX QL Towel

    Quick Lok Towel

    A useful space for tees, balls, pitch mark repairers and more.

  • BIG MAX ql sand and seed bottle on blade+

    Quick Lok Sand and Seed Bottle

    Making it easy to repair divots during the golf round.

  • BIG MAX, hand warmer, hand mitt

    BIG MAX Hand Mitt

    The perfect companion for cold and rough conditions.

    $32.00 Sold out
  • BIG MAX mesh bag for trolleys

    Universal Mesh Bag

    Maximize your storage with the universal push cart mesh bag.

  • CoolerBox Trolley

    Cooler bag

    Keep all your beverages cool for a whole round of golf – or two.

  • Blade+ Supernet

    Blade Super Net

    Ridiculous amounts of storage for your Blade.

  • BIG MAX accessories pouch

    Valuables Pouch for Z360

    Fix this practical bag fast and easy with snap fasteners.



    $25.99 Sold out
  • BIG MAX wheel cover

    BIG MAX Wheel Cover

    Keeping your caddybox and car clean.

  • BIG MAX i-Dry Rainsystem, on trolley

    Drop Stop Rainsystem

    More than a standard rain cover for your golf cart bag and clubs.